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Terms and Conditions

Shop Prints:
Amazon Metal Fabricators retains the rights to all Shop Prints and Concept Prints and may not be used or reproduced without expressed written permission of Amazon Metal Fabricators Inc. 
Amazon Metal Fabricators will supply CAD shop prints for approval with Orders on request. Concept Prints both 2D and 3D can be supplied to our clients to illustrate or clarify, Concept prints are not always dimensionally accurate as they are for concept purposes only and should not be used for construction. Amazon Metal Fabricators Inc. cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use of Shop prints or Concept Prints.

Amazon Metal Fabricators Inc. is not a licensed Engineering firm,and is not licensed to provide engineering. Engineering is available for your project through a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the Sate of Florida, it is the clients responsibility to notify Amazon Metal that engineering is required on their project. Should Engineering be required after the project has started and Amazon Metal was NOT notified prior to starting, nor is engineering included on the clients quote; a fee for the engineering will be assessed.

Please note the Engineer may mandate Design or Material  changes based upon saftey loads, wind loads or other criteria. This could result in aditional Labor or Material Costs. 

Paint Warranties:
Amazon Metals Fabricators does not warranty the paint finish, we hire professional coaters to apply your choice of finish and transfer their warranty to the client. We can provided most work with either powder coat or kynar finish.
Standard Powder Coat: Black, White, or Bronze with 1 year ltd. Warranty (custom colors and extended warranties available at additional cost)
Kynar: Black, White or Bronze with up to a 20 year ltd. Warranty(custom colors available at additional cost)
Custom Coating: Faux Finishes, Patinas and Highlighting / Dry Brushing are available at additional cost upon request.

Sample Warranties are available from our office upon request.

Payment Terms:
We accept Cash, Check, Credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard & Discover)
There is a 3% surcharge on all Credit Card Transactions.

Our standard terms are Deposit with Order, Balance C.O.D.
Credit Terms are subject to an approved Credit application. Call our office at 321-631-7574 to request a credit application.
Credit Terms are Net 30 days for approved credit applications.
Past Due and delinquent accounts bear interest at 1-1/2% per month after the due date, this is an annual rate of 18%.
Additional credit terms are stated on our credit application.

Amazon Metal's Quotes are Valid for 30 days subject to the following conditions.

Material Availability: Pricing is subject to Material price in effect at time of Orders. This is especially important in regards to Steel and Stainless Steel Materials.
Order Being Placed in it's Entirety: We are often asked to break out our quotations. Pricing is based upon quantity and therefore is subject to change if our quotes are not ordered in thier entirety.
Linear Foot Pricing: We often Price work in a "per LF" as a conveniance to our customers. LF Pricing is only accurate on Large jobs, and Customers should be aware that a minor change in LF on small jobs may or may not result in a price change. - We will always provide a quote on any changes when requested.

Amazon Metal Fabricators Inc. reserves the right to review, alter or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time as applicable and as needed without notification. It is the clients responsibility to stay current with any changes or amendments.