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Amazon Metal Bottle Trees

Bottle Trees have a long history of "Blooming" in Gardens all around the Country and the World.
Many Internet Sites contribute the origins of Bottle Trees to Africa and the Asia. Further research led us to Felder Rushing's web sites which can be found here:
History and Pictures of Bottle Trees.

Felder Rushing has an absolute passion for these glass creations and has spent years researching them. As to the Origins of Bottle Trees, I think they probably started much the same way as our personal ones started... Cleaning up after the party it's easier to pop an empty on a branch and worry about it in the morning... and hey! next morning it looked fine!

Aluminum Rainbow Bottle Tree
Aluminum Rainbow Bottle Tree

We offer Several Different Types of Bottle Trees.

The Rainbow Bottle Tree on the Left is made from Aluminum and is self supporting. It is 4' tall in the center and 6' wide.

The Wavy Bottle tree on the Right is Made of steel and painted black. It stands about 3' tall  and is about 2' wide.

We have a "Beer Bottle Bush" in the works.. expect to see photos.. just as soon as finish all the beer...

Steel Wavy Bottle Tree
Wavy Bottle Tree
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